Do you even know how healthy green tea could be? You cannot even imagine how many ways you can get benefited from green tea. That’s the reason we decided to write on the topic top 10 green tea brands in India. It is proven that green tea can make you smarter by increasing brain function. It is also very well known for its fat loss properties and increasing physical performance. Hence, adding green tea to your routine can make extraordinary wonders. Following is the best and trusted green tea brands to help you choose the best and leave the rest. We did a comprehensive analysis of different parameters like the quality of the green tea leaves and a variety of herbs that are used as an ingredient in the green tea. And finally decided to bring you the list of top 10 green tea brands in India.

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How to pick a good green tea

Most of us get confused when choosing the best green tea in India as we don’t know on what basis we can separate the best from the rest, but no worries as we are here to tell you on what basis you can classify the best green tea in India

1. Antioxidant Content

The main antioxidant content present in green tea is epigallocatechin gallate. So we need to make sure there is a good amount of antioxidant content present in the green tea before going for it.

2. Always go for organic Tea

Make sure the tea is grown organically and there are no chemicals used when they are grown.

3. Brew your Tea correctly

As we brew the green tea we must make sure that the green tea in your cup remains green ( olive green ) and if it turns black or brown then we must consider it as unhealthy.

4. There should not be any added sugar

Some of the green tea brands add sugar to their brew just to make it tastier but that is totally unnecessary because it adds calories to your brew. Instead, you can add honey which will make it a lot healthier.

Anyways, you don’t have to do all the research by yourself because we have picked the best for you on the basis of all these 4 criteria for choosing the best green tea.

Best green tea brands available in India

When we talk about the best green tea brand in India then there are tons of brands when it comes to green tea but all of them don’t ensure great quality and ingredients. But there are some well established, trusted and best green tea brands like

  1. Lipton
  2. Girnar
  3. Tetley
  4. Organic India
  5. The Indian chai
  6. Twinnings
  7. Society
  8. Tea aroma

Our top Picks in best green tea available in India

1.Lipton Honey Lemon Green Tea Bags, 100 Pieces

The most recommended green tea is Lipton’s green tea. With top-quality ingredients, it has become the best green tea in India. This green tea has the most positive reviews and comments on its performance. It is a zero-calorie tea, therefore start using it today to feel something different. It is actually the best green tea available in India.

Lipton Green tea price (in rupee ) – 4 / tea bag

2. Girnar Green Tea, Desi Kahwa

The Girnar’s green tea is India’s best organic tree, accompanied by a magnificent taste.

It is Spicy, with a strong flavor of cardamom, nutmeg, clove, black pepper, and black salt. All the tea lovers there, try this healthy as well as tasty tea instead. It is one of the best green tea brands because it has been trusted by a lot of people over the last few years.

Girnar Green tea price (in rupee)- 9.20 / tea bag

3.Lipton Pure and Light Green Tea Bags,

It tastes better than any other tea and is loaded with essential elements. It has a very pleasant aroma that makes your day. Maintain a healthy heart and protection against numerous cardiovascular diseases. It has something special which makes it one of the best green tea in India.

Lipton Green tea price (in rupee)- 3.99 / tea bag

4.Tetley Green Tea, Lemon, and Honey

Long-lasting, healthy, tasty, inexpensive, value for money and what not talking about the Tetley green tea one cannot stop using good words. Known to help with flu and colds, lemons also help with the regulation of metabolism and honey is an immunity booster.

Try it once to make yourself more tolerant of the cold and flu. It truly falls into the category of top 10 green tea brands in India.

Tetley Green tea price (in rupee)- 3.28 / tea bag

5.Organic India Tulsi Green

Organic India tulsi green tea is made from only natural and healthy green tea leaves. Organic India green tea has an unmatched quality which makes it a must-try green tea brand. This is the best organic green tea, also contains a small amount of caffeine which is very well known for fat loss properties, therefore you can use this green tea for your daily weight loss goals and you can even add some simple strategies to lose weight fast. Organic India green tea even have many health benefits like-

  • Help de-stress
  • Dissolves kidney stones
  • Helps in improving metabolism at the same time burn fat
  • Lowers the risk of cancer

Organic India Green tea price (in rupee)- 6.00 / tea bag

6. The Indian Chai – Slimming Healthy Green Tea | Weight Loss Tea with Garcinia Cambogia, Terminalia Chebula | Herbal Tea | Wellness |

One of the best green tea company is the Indian chai specially designed for weight loss. It has been found that due to its active weightloss ingredients it has been able to help some people in weight loss. Therefore, , if you are searching for the best green tea brand in India for weight loss, then this is highly recommended.

The Indian Chai Green tea price (in rupee)- 250.00 / 50g

7. Twinings Green Tea and Lemon

Another great tea, which has high-quality ingredients with high quality of green tea leaves in it, is the twinning green tea. This is the World’s one of the best green tea companies. It has an excellent aroma with a strong citric effect. It is a real blessing for all those tea lovers.

8.Society Premium Green Tea

One of the most suitable and liable contestants for the top 10 tea brands is this SOCIETY’s hugely selling green tea. It has also become one of the best green tea brands in India. It is a very popular green tea company because it also contains various antioxidants and vital nutrients that are great for your body. Therefore it is one of the best green tea available in India.

Society Green tea price (in rupee)- 3/ 500g

9. Lipton Tulsi Natura Green Tea Bags

Again comes the most trusted green tea company with another re-freshening flavor. Liptons green Tea products have always been the best. This green tea brand India has never failed to satisfy the customers with its high-quality and powerful ingredients.. Green tea is a very powerful drink and can bring huge benefits to your life. Lipton green teas are totally trustworthy and must try green tea brand in India.

Lipton Tulsi Natura Green tea price (in rupee)- 399 to 470

10. Tea Aroma Detox Ayurveda Cleansing Organic Green Tea

One of the best herbal green tea in India is tea aromas detox green tea. It has no artificial flavor added, It is a great Indian green tea with 18 rare herbs that not only help in weight loss but also helps to detox body internally and make you clean from inside. We have found it a bit costly when compared to other green tea brands but that is just fine because it has some unique and rare herbs which have many additional benefits and they even make the skin glow. Thus, you must try it once.

Tea Aroma Green tea price (in rupee)- 329 / 100g

Why should you buy high-quality green tea brands?

It is requested to choose only from the above high-quality green tea brands. If you go for some other cheap brands you may not get all the green tea benefits and also you could get affected by some of its side-effects. Here we have listed only the best and most effective green tea brands. Therefore feel free to choose from the above brands.

How to prepare the perfect green tea?

A lot of times people go wrong in brewing green tea for the first time. But don’t you worry because now you are going to witness the best method to brew green tea.


  1. Take a cup of water and heat it for up to 2-3 minutes until it reaches a temperature of 80-degree Celcius.
  2. Then take the heated water and dip the green tea bag in it for up to half a minute.
  3. Now your green tea is ready. You can now wait for 5-6 minutes till it cools down a little.

Perfect time to drink green tea

Early in the morning when your stomach is empty, you can consume green tea for maximum benefits. Sometimes green tea does not suit in the empty stomach if such thing happens with you, you can also consume it with or after your meals.

Other important benefits of green tea

Since green tea is loaded with a lot of antioxidants it is a great source to boost your health. Along with weight loss and improving, physical performance green tea also helps in inhibiting or slowing down DHT synthesis.

There is some scientific evidence that makes it clear that green tea helps in slowing down DHT- an androgen that attacks our hair follicles and is the reason for male pattern baldness. Around 90% of men face hair loss and hair fall due to DHT.

In-depth recommendation

If you loo overall, green tea is healthier than any other tea, and consuming it would be a great move.

It is much healthier than the regular tea you drink, therefore stop drinking the regular tea and start consuming this healthier drink as long as you are a tea lover. Trust me you will never complain.


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