What is Tapioca?

Starch extracted from the storage roots of the vegetable cassava vegetable is known as tapioca. Tapioca is known worldwide for its almost pure carbs.

Although tapioca is popular for some of its health benefits, it is also considered not good on the other hand by some people.

Tapioca is a staple food(i.e foods that can be stored easily and eaten throughout the year.) for millions of people in the tropical region.

The reason it is not considered good by some people is that it provides only carbohydrates and is low in protein, vitamins and other minerals.

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How is tapioca produced?

Tapioca is nothing but the purified starch extracted from the Cassava root which also contains naturally occurring cyanide after the purification process cyanide is removed.

The obtained starch contains water and other liquid material which is then allowed to evaporate and you get tapioca powder as a result of this.

The tapioca powder is then converted into the forms which are preferred.

Forms of tapioca

Tapioca has different forms and the different forms are used for different purposes. The various forms of tapioca are-

  • powder
  • flakes
  • ball-shaped pearls
  • sticks

So these were the most common forms of tapioca. Amongst these forms, tapioca pearl is the most popular.

What is tapioca used for?

Tapioca is used for a variety of purposes, although being devoid of minerals and other vital elements. It contains pure starch, therefore, its nutritional value is not much. Tapioca is used commercially for a lot of purposes.

  • It is very commonly used thickening soups and other liquid foods.
  • It is also utilized by companies as a binder in natural paints and pharmaceutical tablets.
  • The tapioca flour is used to make soft and edible bread, biscuits and even cookies.
  • Tapioca can be used to increase your weight.

How is tapioca used traditionally?

Traditionally tapioca is used as tapioca pudding, candies, and desserts. It is also used in a bubble or boba tea.

Boba tea and the desserts are both made with pearled tapioca.

tapioca pudding
Tapioca pudding/tapioca pearl

Health benefits of tapioca

The nutritional value of tapioca is although very low but still, Tapioca has got a lot of health benefits only for those people who do not monitor the intake of starch and carbs much.

For people who are on carb controlled diet, trust me tapioca is not for you.

Down below is the list of tapioca’s health benefits for only those lucky people who need more carbs.

Tapioca helps in weight gain

It would be a great choice for all those seeking to gain weight. It would help you to quickly gain more mass and thus, help to increase your weight.

Just a cup of tapioca pearls have a whooping 540 calories and 135 grams of carbohydrates. Trust me guys this would be an excellent combination for anyone who wants to gain weight.

The best thing about using tapioca for weight gain is that one does not get affected by the adverse side-effects of consuming too much fat and cholesterol.

How to consume tapioca for weight gain.

You can simply add tapioca to your dishes

The other way of incorporating tapioca for weight gain would be using tapioca flour wholly or mixing tapioca powder to your existing flour.

Tapioca is great for the digestive system

One good thing about tapioca is that is very easily digested as compared to the flours produced from other grains or nuts.

Even doctors recommend tapioca for people with conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome as tapioca is gentle for the stomach.

Tapioca contains resistant starch

It is also a great source of resistant starch. Tapioca starch nutrition is very well known.

Resistant starch is known to give a lot of health benefits.

Resistant starch may lower down your blood pressure after meals.

Tapioca enriches red blood cells

It is enriched with iron and copper both of which are very essential for great blood health.

It helps in healthy blood circulation and helps in preventing anemia.

Tapioca is low in sodium

Tapioca could be great for people with high sodium content in their daily diet. The typical Indian diet has a lot of salt or sodium in it.

The recommended daily intake should be less than 2300mg but a lot of people exceed this daily recommended intake. You already know that excess of anything will always be unhealthy or harmful.

A diet high in sodium is really not good. It may lead to high blood pressure cardiovascular diseases and even strokes.

It is absolutely very low in sodium and thus it would be a good option to incorporate tapioca in your diet over other grains.

Tapioca may be a great alternative for wheat

Tapioca would be a great choice for those who want to gain weight in the healthiest way and wants to keep his digestive system strong enough. You can also try out this list of healthy foods as I would consider them eating daily in order to live a complete and healthy lifestyle

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