9 Best water purifiers in India-2020

Searching for a perfect water purifier for your family? Fortunately, you are in the best place. You have made a great decision, by the way, a good water purifier is a must.

Water is the most essential part of our life. Around 60% of the human body is merely water. An adult should drink at least 2 liters of pure water every day. So, always keep yourself hydrated because hydration has got tons of health benefits which most of us are not familiar with.

But wait, are you drinking pure water?

Water plays the most important role in our survival and therefore it should be clean and healthy. The normal water that you drink may not always be pure and may contain a lot of disease-carrying larvae.

Impure and contaminated water may cause a lot of acute as well as chronic health disorders.

Is buying a water purifier compulsory?

Absolutely yes, water purifiers in today’s time is a must as contaminated water may cause dangerous disorders. Even though boiling the water is also an effective way of purifying the water but still, it has some limitations, it takes a lot of time too.

Getting a good water purifier is a very wise decision, it may cost you some money but your health is of supreme importance.

Water purifiers these days are quite powerful and have a lot of useful features, there is a lot of variety in them too.

Let’s dig a little deeper into the topic and know the RO type of water purifier to make your selection easier.

What is an RO water purifier?

You may have heard RO purifier a lot of times. RO(Reverse Osmosis) purifiers are actually the best choice for purifying water in Indian households.

The RO purifiers usually come with UV, UF filters that help make the water completely contamination-free.

Best water purifiers

After months of detailed research, we have been able to make a list of the top 10 water purifiers available in India.

There are tonnes of water purifiers to choose from and many of them do not deserve to be purchased.

To help you choose the perfect water purifier for you and your family we have listed only the best water purifiers based on several factors. You can choose any one of these purifiers and trust me you are going to get complete satisfaction if you choose one wisely from the given list.

List of best water purifiers in India

1. KENT Grand 8-Litreres RO+UV+UF with TDS controller

Kent is one of the most powerful names in the world of water purifiers. These purifiers have always been proved to be the best, and KENT Grand is Kent’s No.1 water purifier.

It comes with a magnificent double RO purification system along with UV+UF(ultrafiltration) that helps to eradicate even the smallest type of impurities from the water.

Features that make it worth purchasing

  • Gives multi-stage purification
  • Has got patented mineral RO technology
  • It has more than 1500 service centers all across India
  • High 8 liter storage capacity
  • Purifies any type of water

Kent gives you the best quality of water with a great taste, it comes with a TDS controller that has the ability to purify dirtiest of water. This powerful water filter is equipped with a very smart technology that detects the TDS levels and the source of water.

It is a highly recommended purifier as Kent is one of the best water purifier company in India.

2. HUL Pureit Ultima Mineral RO + UV + MF 10 liters water purifier

Another blockbuster purifier available in India is the Pureit Ultima. This has unmatched quality and is equipped with the smartest and most powerful machine.

The Ultima water purifier provides advanced 7-stage purification. It comes with a mineral cartridge that adds essential minerals like calcium and magnesium to enhance the taste of water.

Features that make it worth purchasing

  • Gives a huge 10 liters of capacity
  • It gives 100% RO purified water
  • Smartest digital display
  • Comes with a double purity lock which ensures not a single drop of impure water
  • Senses water quality about 5000 times a second to show you how pure your water is.

This massive water purifier can purify up to 28 liters of water in an hour. Moreover, it restores the minerals water should contain. It is the RO+UV+MF+TDS modulator which makes it one of the best RO water purifiers in India.

Although it is a little expensive still, it is completely worth purchasing if you have more members in your family.

3. Faber Galaxy Plus RO+UV+UF+MAT, 8 stage water purifier

The Faber Galaxy Plus comes with massive storage of 9 liters and has mineral enhancing technology. The RO membrane works up to a limit of 2500 TDS, which is capable of purifying well, tap even very dirty water.

It comes with a very efficient 8 stage purification which ensures that every drop of water you drink is completely healthy and sweet in taste.

Features that make it worth purchasing

  • Consists of powerful CopperGuard technology and elegant appealing design.
  • Large storage of 9 liters
  • MIneral addition technology restores the essential minerals of water lost during RO purification.
  • Gives 8 stage purification
  • Ro membrane is very powerful and can treat water with even 2500 TDS

The Faber water purifier is a real masterpiece with one of the most powerful technology. It is a perfectly ideal water purifier for home use even if you have a big family, you will never face a shortage of purified water.

4. HUL Pureit Advanced RO + UV, 5-liter water purifier

The advanced RO of Pure it surely deserves to be in the list of best RO purifier. It has been priced very ideally as compared with its performance.

The purifier contains 6 stages of advanced purification that filter the water in a uniquely effective way. This has convenient storage of 5-liter, ideal for a family of 4-5 people.

Features that make it worth purchasing

  • Saves electricity by going on standby mode, once the tank is full.
  • Runs without a voltage stabilizer
  • It easily purifies hard water and makes it sweet.
  • The water in it undergoes 6 stages of purification that ensures great water for your family.
  • The parts of the purifier that are 100% food-grade plastic that prevents leaching of harmful substances into your water.

It is a truly wonderful product for Indian homes. Furthermore, it is quite affordable with lots of amazing features. It is a real value for money water purifier, grab it online for a lower price.

5. Havells Max 7-litres RO UV Water Purifier 

Havells RO purifier includes every feature that a perfect water purifier should posses. The Iprotect feature of this purifier constantly monitors the purification to ensure the perfect purification of water.

Features that make it worth purchasing

  • Purifies about 15 liters of water in an hour.
  • Excellent customer help service.
  • It is capable of correcting the PH of purified water.
  • The mineral cartridge present in the purifier restores all the essential minerals in the water and gives a great taste to the water.
  • The design of this purifier is quite appealing and can make your kitchen look really smart.

This is really a good UV water purifier, which gives absolutely safe drinking water through its UV and RO combined purification. It comes with 7 stages of powerful purification.

Getting this installed in your house will be a great move for you and your family’s health.

6. AO Smith Z8 Green RO 10 Litre Wall, water purifier

One of the best purifiers in this list is the AO Smith Z8 water purifier, the only reason it is not placed in the first position is its price. Even though it has a little higher price but is completely value for money product. It contains some of the most sophisticated features and that too at a much lower price.

Features that make it worth purchasing

  • Gives you hot purified water with added minerals at two temperature choices of 45 °C and 80 °C.
  • Ao Smith provides you with 8 stage filtration of water.
  • It saves 2 times the water than any other ordinary RO filter.
  • It comes with a 1-year comprehensive warranty that includes all filters and even the RO membrane.
  • 8S technology gives perfectly baby safe water.
  • Can purify water with up to 2000 TDS.
  • The Min-Tech technology adds essential minerals like calcium and magnesium to the highly purified water.

The AO Smith really deserves to be in your wonderful kitchen, as it gives you the best quality water with its most powerful filtration process. The best thing about this elegant purifier is its ability to produce hot water which can be used to prepare instant tea or coffee.

You must really go for this purifier if you need a purifier with perfect advancement.

7. Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard 7-litres RO+UV+MTDS Water Purifier

The EUREKA FORBES is one of the best selling water purifiers in India, due to its versatile performance and high quality of water purification. It comes with a powerful MTDS controller that adjusts the taste of water according to the source of water.

Features that make it worth purchasing

  • It is highly energy efficient
  • Has got long cartridge life
  • It comes with smart LED indicators.
  • Its smart features protect the purifier in case of voltage fluctuations
  • This is available for an affordable price.

This is an amazingly low budget purifier which has been a symbol of trust in Indian homes for the past 35 years. It gives the required quality and taste of water and comes with some of the most required features.

The company has a very good user interface and provides very good service which makes it a good choice for Indian homes.

8. Blue Star Aristo RO+UV AR4BLAM01 7-Litre Water Purifier

This Blue Star purifier gives you double-layered RO+UV protection. This has been powered by Aqua taste booster technology that enhances the taste of water by adjusting proper PH.

It also posses a great feature that alerts to indicate that the pressure of the input water supply to the purifier is low.

Features that make it worth buying

  • It comes with large 7-liter storage.
  • This has got a high purification capacity.
  • It contains the child lock function that ensures that water is not wasted unnecessarily early by children
  • It comes with a perfect alert system that indicates all-important signals like tank-full, purification on, low-pressure alert, and even UV fail alert.
  • The Blue Star Aristo contains copper impregnated activated carbon that removes any kind of smell, odor, and organic volatile compounds.

The water purifier price is not more than 10000 RS if you buy it online. This purifier is surely amongst the top 10 purifiers available in India. The water it purifies can be completely trusted and relied upon as Blue Star is one of the most popular water purifier companies in India.

9. KENT Superb Star 9-litres, RO+UV+UF+TDS controller water purifier

This is indeed one of the best Kent RO water purifiers. The Kent Superb is really a renowned innovation with a lot of smart features. Its powerful RO membrane can control a maximum TDS of up to 2500.

Features that make it worth purchasing

  • Purifies water from all sources.
  • Comes with a 1-year comprehensive warranty, with 3 years zero service charge.
  • Gives high storage of 9 liters.
  • The UV-LED light in the storage tank ensures that the water is completely germ-free.
  • It saves more water, with saving water technology.
  • Displays digitally the performance of the purifier and various other factors.

The Kent water filters are the best selling because of their excellent customer support team. This is considered as the best model in Kent purifiers, the only drawback that faces is its price. It is priced a little higher. Rest everything is perfect.

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