Castor oil- A blessing for beard

What is castor oil?

Castor oil is basically a vegetable oil that is extracted from the Ricinus communis plant. It is a highly beneficial oil and is used for several purposes.

Why is castor so much talked about?

Castor oil has got some of the incredible properties that make it really very popular. It helps to reduce inflammation, rejuvenates skin and scalp, Improves blood flow, and also improves the texture of hair.

Castor oil is capable of increasing blood flow and is thus excellent for the growth of beard as well as scalp hair.

Does castor oil help to grow Facial hair

Can castor oil help you grow facial hair?
Can castor oil help you grow facial hair?

Castor oil is great for your scalp hair and could also help you grow some. But scalp hair is totally different from facial hair. The facial hair depends on secondary sexual characters and castor oil has no effect on it.

Thus, castor can never help you grow new hair on your face, but guys that’s not an end to this topic, the good thing is that it can help thicken existing hair and also make it look shinier and sexier.

Castor may also increase the growth of your beard hair. However, there is not much scientific evidence regarding this but men have been using castor oil for several years and most of them have experienced outstanding results.

It is believed that castor oil is able to do so because of its ricinoleic acid content. Ricinoleic acid omega-9 fatty acid which has been linked with the ability to have a good effect on hair growth.

It contains ricinoleic acid. This is an omega-9 unsaturated fatty acid that’s been loosely linked to changes in two substances that are thought to affect hair growth:

The best castor oil for beard

Finding the best castor oil for your beard
Finding the best castor oil for your beard

There are different types of castor oils but Jamaican castor oil is considered best for hair growth because it is not processed like the other types of castor oils.

The Jamaican castor oil is great for the beard as it is dark in color, it gives the beard a black shiny look, which makes it look more appealing. The best Jamaican black oil that is one hundred percent recommended is the Morpheme Remedies Jamaican Organic Black Castor Oil.

It is an excellent quality castor oil and deserves to be used by all the beard bearers.

Who should use castor oil on the beard

Anyone who is able to grow some beard naturally can use castor oil. Castor oil for beard growth and nourishment would be a great option, it has the ability to thicken the facial hair and also make it look denser and good-looking.

Dudes with not even a single hair on the face should not use castor oil as the oil would be ineffective in this case, as it is incapable of growing new facial hair.

How to use Castor oil for beard growth and natural shine

Beard is one of the most important parts of men’s look, a good looking, thick, dark, and well-managed beard can make a man look sexier than ever before. And believe the Jamaican black castor oil for beard could be a great option to achieve such a flawless beard.

Castor oil nourishes your beard and makes them shine

Just follow the steps given below to achieve your dream beard.

Keep your beard clean

Wash your beard properly on a daily basis this would make it look healthier and fuller. After properly washing it dab it dry with a towel.

Apply the oil directly to your washed beard

After the first step, you must apply castor oil to your beard by gently rubbing it from your root to tips of the beard hair.

The castor oil provides a good nourishment to your facial hair, and makes it smooth and easily manageable that adds to the overall look of the beard.

Scrub your beard twice a week

It is advised that you scrub your skin underneath the beard for at least once a week, this would help your beard become denser. After scrubbing apply the regular castor oil to your beard.

If you follow the above steps regularly you will soon notice a huge difference in your beard, that would gradually add to confidence.

Side-effects of castor oil

The castor oil can be harsh and irritating on your skin if there is a cut or wound on your skin. Otherwise, a little castor oil is completely safe and beneficial for your skin in many ways.

In some instances, it is also observed that castor oil irritates sensitive skin types, therefore in such cases, if your skin is a little sensitive it’s recommended that you mix carrier oil with the castor oil.

Mixing a good carrier oil like the jojoba, coconut or rosemary oil and will add up to the total number of benefits.

The Conclusion

Castor oil could be great for the beard bearers, although it may not help with new facial hair growth it would surely help you to enhance existing hair growth and make the beard hair fuller and thicker.

The Jamaican black castor oil is considered the best for beard since it is not much processed and gives a darker and more manly look to the beard.

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