Endura Mass Gainer-Review, Benefits, Side-effects and Uses

Endura mass is a very popular mass gaining supplement. It is an Indian weight gainer, manufactured by Endura Labs Limited and sold since 2001.

endura mass review

It has gained massive levels of popularity since then. If you are someone who wants to gain weight with the help of Endura Mass gainer then keep reading to know what’s worth knowing.

This post has been written after very comprehensive research on the product and is completely unbiased, therefore you can entirely trust whatever you find in Healthysab.com.


Endura mass is basically a mass gainer that helps you consume 3480 extra calories other than the calories you gain from your food. Thus, it gives a massive boost to your calorie intake, which in turn helps you to gain weight.

This product can be used by both men and women

Endura Mass results-Does it really make a difference?

This product has been in the market for years now, you might have also seen a lot of advertisements but still many of you might not be aware of the results?

Endura Mass weight gainer

After properly analyzing the original results of the product we have found that 80% of its users are completely satisfied with the product. It does aid in gaining weight and is worth buying a supplement for weight gain.

The concept is quite clear that the product is high in calories, which helps to gain mass. Moreover, it is also rich in various other essential nutrients that help to boost your health.

It is used by a lot of bodybuilders to gain muscle mass and strength as it perfectly works for it. If you see overall this product is quite amazing with a lot of benefits for the people who lack strength and a healthy weight.

Endura Mass for female – Endura mass is equally beneficial for a female user also.

Endura mass composition

What is it that makes Endura mass so healthy? Obviously, it is the composition of Endura Mass that makes it so healthy. Let’s have a look at its Composition.

Endura Mass protein content
Endura Mass protein content

Endura Mass price

The Price of 1kg Endura Mass gainer is Rs 1075 if you buy it from a store near you.

You can also purchase it online for a cheaper price, You can also buy it from Amazon.

Uses and benefits

It is generally used for weight gain and strengthening the body. Endura mass is a prolific formulation and it has the ability to benefit you in many ways.

Let’s have a look at some of its renowned benefits.

Benefits of Endura Mass

  • It helps you gain a healthy weight at a very faster rate.
  • It makes you feel strong all day long.
  • The balanced components like soy protein, carbohydrates, fats and minerals aid in making you healthier and that too internally as well as externally.
  • Endura easily provides your body with the required calories.
  • This helps to maintain the required weight and also gives us a daily dose of essential elements.
  • It helps in increasing stamina, which in turn will help you go through a strenuous activity without any tiredness.


It is recommended that two scoops(available within the packaging) of 20g each should be consumed for at least 2 weeks, later you can increase by 1 more scoop if required. It is advisable that it should be consumed with full cream milk along with two bananas.

Endura mass dosage with banana and milk
Endura Mass can be taken with full cream milk along with 2 bananas

If you do not want to consume it with milk you can also consume it with water or a glass of juice.

This will make sure that your calorie intake is large enough which would help in faster weight gain.

Side-effects of Endura Mass

The good thing about consuming it is that it does not cause any side-effects if consumed in the proper way.

However, if consumed in a larger quantity(i.e more than the daily required quantity) you may experience the below side-effects

  • Bloating
  • Indigestion
  • Constipation
  • Vomiting
  • Loose motion
  • Tiredness
  • Weakness
  • Hormonal Imbalance(Prolonged use)

How to consume it for maximum benefits

It is very important to follow the instructions of the nutrition coach or the instructions given on the label of the product.

It is advised that Endura should not be consumed early in the morning in the empty stomach this may cause indigestion. Endura mass should be consumed after breakfast and with meals.

It is also advised it should not be consumed just before going to bed.

For maximum benefits, it is recommended that you should always consume Endura mass with a little bit of daily exercise. If you don’t exercise on a daily basis then there is no point in consuming it.

It can also affect you in a negative way if you do not exercise. As such, we all know how important it is to exercise daily for a healthy lifestyle.

Who can use Endura Mass?

Anyone above 16 years of age(male/female) can consume the Endura mass.

You are supposed to consult a doctor before consuming it if you are suffering from any type of medical condition.

People who cannot digest milk or are lactose intolerant should not consume Endura mass as it contains some amount of dairy products.

How does Endura work?

You may have heard that people tend to burn or lose more calories then they consume to lose weight, in the same way, more calories should be consumed than burned, which leads to gain weight.

Endura mass gainer helps gain more calories which in turn helps us to gain weight. In order to maintain a strong physique; one should perform daily exercises along with the consumption of endura mass gainer.

Mass gainer vs Weight gainer

Although both may somewhat sound similar but there is a huge difference in the composition of both the supplements.

Basically mass gainers focus mainly on their caloric content, they are high in carbs and are quite low in protein content. Mass gainers are specially designed for gain in mass, and therefore they are very high in calories.

Weight gainers are also a type of mass gainer that serves a little broad perspective. Weight gainers are high in calories, but they are also rich protein and other vital nutrients. They aid in weight gain as well as lean muscle mass gain.

What are the qualities of a good mass gainer?

A good mass gainer should contain at least 1500-3500 calories in each serving. And a good weight gainer should provide at least 2000-2500.

Now you may ask, “Is Endura a good mass gainer?” It gives around 3480 calories in a single serving that is quite high but being a mass gainer that is a good point of Endura.

Endura mass is a very high-caloric gainer, and it is a very helpful supplement for the underweight people.

Possible drug interactions

Although Endura Mass is safe it may interact with some medications, therefore you must consult your doctor if you are consuming any type of medication.

Some medications that may possibly react with it are given below-

  • Aspirine
  • Folic acid
  • Ibuprofen
  • Warfarin
  • Ciprofloxacin
  • Combifilam
  • Lactulose
  • Lithium

Some other possible interactions

There have been no cases of Endura gainer reacting with any food item but it may probably react with alcohol.

Therefore you are supposed to consult your pharmacist or physician and discuss all the possible interactions that may actually take place.

The conclusion

Endura is a weight-gaining supplement that can be used by both men and women.

It aids you in gaining 3480 extra calories daily if consumed regularly. It gives the best results when consumed with a daily set of exercises.

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