Protinex Review- Side-effects, Benefits, and Dosage

What is Protinex?

Protinex is an Indian health supplement composed mainly of hydrolyzed peanut protein which gives it a great nutritional value. The Protinex powder is rich in high-quality peanut protein.


The Protinex powder is the only supplement with hydrolyzed peanut protein, which makes it a little expensive, but it is still worth buying if you look at its nutritional value.

It contains 35g of protein in 100g of serving. This nutritional supplement is generally recommended to people with protein deficiencies.

Protinex chocolate flavour

This powder has been found to be very helpful for building and strengthening muscles, it also helps to gain lean muscle mass.

Protinex composition

The composition clearly shows that Protinex is incredibly very health that is why it so popular in India.

Who can consume Protinex?

Anyone above 2 years of age can consume it to increase the healthy intake of nutrients. Protinex would be a good alternative of whey protein especially for those people who are unable to digest whey.

A family consuming protinex

This supplement would be great for growing children, as it would help them manage the required strength and stamina.

Protinex review

You will be able to read a lot of reviews regarding Protinex on the internet, but trust all of them will only confuse you but never give you the exact conclusion. We here on we give you the exact summary of the genuine users and let you know what’s completely wrong or right.

According to our survey, about 60% of its buyers are completely satisfied with the results. If you want a good source of protein I would recommend you go for whey protein instead as it gives you a good amount of high-quality protein.

Protinex is a great choice only for those who cannot consume whey protein due to lactose intolerance.

Don’t worry about the negative comments regarding Protinex, because a lot of people do not use it regularly and in a correct way and therefore, do not get the results.

Some of its Uses

It could be used for a lot of purposes. Down below is the list of some of the uses for which it is recommended.

  • High blood pressure
  • Protein deficiency
  • Mineral and vitamin deficiency
  • Malnutrition
  • Digestion disorders
  • Joint pain
  • Weakness

These were some of the uses of Protinex powder.

Benefits of Protinex

Regular consumption of Protinex powder can benefit you in unlimited ways, let’s have a look at some it renowned benefits.

  • Improves and Promotes immunity- The composition of Protinex is quite healthy for the immune system, regular consumption leads to the strengthening of immunity, which also helps you to quickly recover from various diseases and illnesses. The great mineral and vitamin composition of Protinexpowder helps to boost your immunity.
  • Corrects digestive disorders- It has been seen that in many of its users that Protinex could help treat digestive disorders. It enhances the absorption power of the gut which in turn boosts the process of digestion.
  • Strengthens your body- This helps to strengthen your body and bones due to its rich protein content. In addition to high-quality protein, it also contains many other vital elements.
  • Protects the heart- Protinex is composed mainly of hydrolyzed peanut, and it is well-known that the essential oils present in Peanut are amazingly healthy for the heart.
  • Helps maintain a healthy weight- Protinex is composed of high high-quality protein content which helps in maintaining a healthy weight. It is absolutely low in fat and thus, helps promote a healthy weight.
  • Helps in overcoming weakness due to pregnancy- It is usually prescribed by doctors to overcome weakness due to pregnancy in some women. Protinex is rich in calcium and other nutrients that help to maintain stability and gain strength over time.
  • Aids in severe muscle weakness– Protinex is also prescribed to people with severe muscle weakness.

How does protinex work?

As you already know that Protinex is nothing but hydrolyzed peanut protein. Hydrolyzed peanut protein is very easily digestible and enhances the absorption power of the body.

Can I consume Protinex with hot milk?

Protinex with hot milk

Absolutely not, a lot of people perform this mistake, as a result, they destroy a majority of nutrients present in Protinex. It is advisable that Protinex should not be consumed along with hot drinks.

When it is mixed up with hot drinks,any important and delicate nutrients like the Vitamin-C get wipe-out.

How to consume Protinex for added benefits?

The best way to consume Protinex would be by adding it to normal milk. Diluting it with milk will enrich your protein and other nutrient intakes. Milk and Protinex together become a powerful combo that adds up the best of both of them to you.

It is recommended that you do not consume Protinex directly without diluting, this may cause indigestion and other problems.

What is the Optimum dosage of protein powder?

The most recommended dosage for the Protinex supplement is 30g each day. Which contains somewhere 8-9g of protein.

Side-effects of Protinex

Although, Protinex is very good for health but it also accompanies some minute side-effects with it.

Protinex side effect- headache
  • It may cause headache in some people
  • High-doses of Protinex can also cause stomach ache and dehydration
  • High doses of Prortinex should be completely avoided as it can also cause serious side-effects such as Hyperammonemia.
  • Protinex may also cause the problem of bad breath(Halitosis) in some individuals.
  • Some people might face issues such as bloating and even diarrhea because of the consumption of this protein powder.
  • Prolonged use of Protinexmight also affects your kidneys.

Price of Protinex

The cost of 400g of Protinex powder is Rs 535, you can also purchase it online for a cheaper price.

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You need to carefully take the below-given precautions before starting the course of Protinex.

  • People with kidney problems should not take Protinex.
  • If you are allergic to peanut you are not supposed to consume Protinex.
  • People with any kind of liver problem should consult a doctor before consuming Protinex.
  • Overdosing of this health supplement should be avoided as it could lead to certain serious side-effects too.
  • Do not consume Protinex powder with hot milk or beverages.

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