How to lower DHT levels- Only the Most effective methods

Can you really lower the DHT levels in your body?

The word DHT has been very familiar in my life, I have spent almost 2-3 years reading about it. Ironically, this is truly a hair-loving hormone. And trust me guys you are going to witness the best possible answer on the internet for the above question. Before jumping on to the main question let’s know some things that you must know regarding DHT. Keep reading till the end if you are really concerned about lowering your DHT levels.

What is DHT?

Dihydrogen testosterone(DHT) is an androgen(male sex hormone) that is naturally produced in the gonads. DHT is actually a byproduct of testosterone production. It is responsible for masculine characteristics such as muscle growth, body hair, voice, and forming male genitalia during pregnancy.

In-short DHT is an important hormone that is responsible for almost all the manly characteristics. The majority of people do not need to worry at all about their DHT levels. But the ones with excessive amounts of DHT levels will go bald.

DHT induced hair loss
DHT induced hair loss

When your genetics is susceptible to pattern baldness, the excessive amount of DHT hormones produced binds to your follicle receptor. Because of the binding of DHT to the hair follicles, the follicles slowly shrink and after a slow process, they die forever, bringing baldness and ignorance in your life.

Reducing Dihydrogentestosterone

If you are one of those unlucky people suffering from male pattern baldness then this post is for you. Excessive amounts of DHT levels are a threat to your hair follicles as they bind with it and block nutrition from reaching your hair follicles. When the hair follicles do not get sufficient nutrition they eventually shrink and die after some time.

Therefore, if you are losing your hair due to male pattern baldness you will have to reduce your DHT levels by taking some necessary steps. Let me inform you that your DHT levels are never going to drop naturally, if you will wait for this to happen you will definitely go bald.

Nobody wants balding, because hair is really important to us. I was shocked when I once read that male pattern baldness has no cure. But do not worry at all I am here to save your hair. I was able to successfully reduce the DHT and levels in my body, and reverse my baldness. Today I am going to share with you my most effective ways to block DHT. You will see both natural ways to block DHT and medications to stop DHT from deteriorating your hair.

Enrich your diet with natural DHT- blockers

Natural DHT blockers are game-changers, adding them to your diet on a daily basis will do the trick. Down below is the list of top 3 DHT blockers.

1. Tomatoes

Tomato is one of the best DHT blocker foods which is very rich in lycopene. The high-levels of lycopene in tomatoes help to inhibit Dht. Adding a ripe red tomato to your diet on a daily basis would be very easy and lead to your hair loss journey.

2. Green tea

This my favorite, green tea is rich in anti-oxidants and a lot of other essential elements that help in hair growth. It is scientifically proven that the formulation of green tea can reduce the amount of DHT in your blood.


This is a very popular DHT-blocker herb, Saw-Palmetto is being utilized all over the world for the purpose of inhibiting Dht, it is the most effective natural DHT- inhibitor you will find. You can also add Saw-Palmetto supplement to your diet.

Disadvantages of natural-Dht blockers

Although, Natural DHT blockers are completely safe and also effective they take a lot of time to show you the results. Also, being very consistent with natural DHT blockers is very difficult at least for me, because no one can tell you the exact time it will take. Natural DHT-inhibitors behave very differently on different persons.

Therefore, for 100% assurity of results you are supposed to some medications. These medications about which I am gonna talk are FDA approved and will surely give you the results.

For the best results, it is recommended that you enrich your diet with both DHT-blocking foods and medications.

Finasteride to tackle DHT

A lot of studies combined clearly show that Finasteride is the best medication for male pattern baldness because it acts at the source. The best thing about Finasteride is instead of blocking DHT just at the scalp levels it blocks it at its original place. This ensures that DHT is completely blocked and hair growth is brought about.

Finasteride in combination with minoxidil can give the best and fastest possible results in the case of hair loss due to DHT hormone.

How does finasteride work?

Finasteride is a drug that belongs to the family of 5α-alpha-reductase inhibitors. The 5α-alpha-reductase enzyme is responsible for the conversion of a certain amount of testosterone to DHT, finasteride binds to this enzyme and blocks DHT production.

My personal experience with the drug(Finasteride) and side-effects

After fed up with almost all the home remedies and expensive oils, when I was not able to stop my sexy hair from falling, I visited the dermatologist for the 3rd time. I knew what finasteride was, but I never really wanted to take it because I heard people talking about some of its sexual side-effects.

But now it was, high time, and I was badly balding, therefore I decided to take finasteride orally. And I can proudly say that this decision was my best decision, within 3 months of consuming finasteride I could see that my hair fall was very less and I could see more hair on my scalp.

After 6 months on finasteride, now I am the happiest person on earth, I have a head full of thick and bouncy hair. If your baldness grade is higher than 3 then finasteride could be a waste of time, you better get your hair transplanted from a good hair transplant clinic good clinic.

For me, the side-effects due to finasteride were absolutely zero. Only very few people get affected by it. According to the actual reports, only 4-5% of people face the side-effects and that too is reversible.

In case if you see any side-effects due to finasteride just stop taking it, and visit your doctor as soon as possible.

The conclusion

A lot of people raise this question that How to block DHT and regrow hair naturally? According to the reports very fewer people have been able to lower the DHT levels naturally. Natural DHT blockers do work but their effect may or may not be seen in some cases.

You can add the above mentioned natural DHT blockers to your diet to see some impressive results, but it is advised not to depend completely on natural DHT-blockers.

Therefore, I would recommend starting with finasteride first and that too only after the prescription from a doctor. You will have to visit your doctor in order to save the rest of your hair from falling,

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