CASTOR OIL – Health Benefits and it’s diverse Usage


Castor oil is a vegetable oil that is extracted from the castor bean and is a great stimulant laxative. The scientific name for castor bean is RICINUS COMMUNIS. Castor oil is highly rich in minerals, vitamins, and Omega 6 essential fatty acids. Being an excellent laxative it is one of the best natural sources for treating constipation.

It has been in use from the ancient period as it has a vast number of medicinal benefits. Castor oil is very well known for its renowned anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

You would also find castor oil as an ingredient in a wide range of cosmetics as it does wonders for the skin. Castor oil has fantastic nourishing properties that can make your skin glowing healthy and very attractive.

castor oil

How is it made?

Castor oil is obtained from the castor beans in two main ways, one is the regular way in which the castor beans are heated multiple times before pressing because of which the oil tends to lose its topical benefits. So, make sure the oil you get from the market is cold-pressed.

The oil which you get from the cold pressing of castor beans is a lot more beneficial than the regular one because all the topical benefits are been preserved in this process.


Castor oil has got numerous wide-ranging health benefits, and that’s the only reason you are reading about it.

Moisturizes your skin

Castor oil is a natural moisturizer. It helps to maintain the moisture in the skin and it can even treat the dry skin as it contains triglycerides. Castor even has humectant properties which means it can absorb the moisture present within the atmosphere and keep the skin hydrated enough.

And trust me a hydrated skin looks much more attractive than non-hydrated skin. Applying it daily to your skin might give you the skin you ever wished for.

It has all the essential fatty acids in it that can treat

  • treat acne
  • pimples
  • blackheads
  • whiteheads

It can treat all these impurities of the skin and leave a healthy, glowing, fresh, and clear skin.

All you need to do is apply it directly to your face and body after you take a shower to prevent your skin from getting dry.

Restores the health of hair follicles

Regular use of castor oil can make your hair healthier like never before this is because it is a great moisturizer and conditioner. It moisturizes the scalp, conditions the hair and makes the hair follicles stronger which ultimately results in reduced hair-fall levels.

Castor oil nourishes the hair follicles from root to tip which restores the lost shine and luster of the hair follicles. It completely treats dry and lifeless hair to make it healthy and appealing in looks.

All you need to do is apply it directly on to your scalp and leave it for approx 6 hours because castor oil by consistency is thick and takes time to penetrate through the skin.

Castor oil is a lot beneficial for eyes

All of us have an idea that castor oil is really beneficial for our hair and skin but you will be amazed to know that it is truly amazing for your eyes as well. As we know that castor oil contains all the essential fatty acids and other antioxidants that are needed by our eyes.

Many of us feel that our eyes have gone dry by the end of the day this is because of the pollution and dust which gets into our eyes. The solution to this problem is a few drops of castor oil.

Some proven benefits of using it are as follows

  • Treats Bloodshot Eyes
  • Treats Swollen Eyes
  • Removes Under-Eye Dark Circles
  • Reduces Wrinkles Around The Eyes

Promotes wound healing

When someone directly applies it to the wounds it starts to stimulate the growth of new tissues by penetrating deep into the scar tissue. Studies have proven that using it for the minor wound can heal the wound at faster rates.


It has many medicinal uses which are really cost-effective. Nowadays many fashion bloggers also recommend the use of castor oil because of its anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties. we have even listed some of the common uses down below.

Can be used as a tan remover

It can easily remove tan from your face as it nourishes your skin and keeps it away from dry patches. Your skin starts to look radiant and glamorous.

It is commonly used to treat constipation

Castor oil is a stimulant laxative that increases the bowel movement by triggering the intestine to contract and pushes the stool. A lot of ayurvedic experts and doctors recommended castor oil for constipation related problems.

Just after consuming 15ml of the oil, you will see an urge to poop just after 2-3 hours. It softens the stool and increases the movement of the intestine which helps to easily push the stool.

In fact, castor oil is one of the best a natural laxatives that you would ever find.

It can help prevent stretch marks

Studies have shown that regular use of castor oil prior to pregnancies can result in no stretch marks.

It can even be used after the pregnancies to get rid of stretch marks as it can help fade and reduce the appearance of stretch marks on your skin. it can treat your stretch marks easily because it is infused with a natural fatty acid called ricinoleic, it penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin and treats several skin-related issues.

All you need to do is gently massage your skin with the oil in the morning as well as the evening. There are many more essential oils that are really useful for every woman in order to get healthy skin. There are even more remedies that you can try out to get rid of stretch marks fast.

Can be used to treat cataract

Treating cataract these days has become really expensive but here is the most cost-effective treatment for cataract.

YES, it’s regular use can help you fight in the early stages of cataract. By dropping in one’s eyes every night before going to bed.

You should see the difference within 3 months or else I would strongly recommend you to consult an eye specialist


You can get eyelashes and eyebrows that you ever dreamed of

Its regular use can promote the growth of eyebrows and eyelashes just by directly applying the oil with the help of cotton or so, before going to bed. After a case study, it was clearly noticeable that there was an increase in the length of eyelashes of those who regularly used the oil.

So, there is no need to go for fake eyelashes when you can get them with this natural home remedy.

Get rid of dandruff and make your scalp healthy like never before

As we know the castor is known for its anti-inflammatory properties which help to reduce dandruff. The moisturizing property helps to prevent the scalp from getting dry which ultimately reduces contamination of dandruff on the scalp.


  • It has food preservative properties
  • Is a stimulant laxative
  • It has Omega 6 essential acids
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • It has anti-oxidant properties
  • Reduces acne
  • Heals wound


  • pelvic congestion.
  • dizziness.
  • abdominal cramps.
  • Diarrhea
  • nausea.
  • electrolyte disturbance.
  • low blood pressure

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