Becoming healthy is not that tough if you love yourself but being from a typical Indian family it’s really hard to have control over your diet plan that’s why we have brought you a list of healthy Indian breakfast. The best thing that you can do to make yourself healthy is by eating healthy and that too at the beginning of the day.


Nowadays we can easily notice that many of us just skip breakfast because most of us will be getting late for our office, schools and so many other reasons. But have you ever thought if you just keep skipping your breakfast then what kind of impact it will have on your body????

If you have never thought of it then you should probably go through the info-graphic image provided below:


I hope now you might have come to know the importance of Healthy Breakfast, so know we will just head towards the list of healthy Indian breakfast which we made for you.


To make your mornings healthy and delightful just eat these below given healthy Indian breakfast items and become healthier than ever before.

1.Omelet with Bread/Roti


Increase your protein as well as other vital elements content in your diet with this delicious breakfast. It has been found that a lot of people around the globe face protein deficiency which leads to severe health problems. Thus, adding an omelet into your breakfast would be a great move. Omelet made from two eggs would be sufficient to make you feel strong the entire day.

2.Sprouts with a Boiled egg


You cannot even imagine how nutritious the above-mentioned breakfast could be. Eggs are a real blessing for all of us, it includes everything that is necessary for being healthy. Therefore they are also known as superfoods. Talking about sprouts they are another boon for vegetarians.

They are loaded with all the necessary nutrients. Add this breakfast to your diet and stay healthily for the rest of your life.

3. Upma


Another good food to boost your day is a south Indian dish called upma. It gives you enough energy for the entire day, add it into your diet and feel the difference.

4.Paneer Burji


One of the blessings for all those veggies out there is paneer Burji. Mostly all the vegetarian food materials are very low in protein content, but this one is an exception. Add this delicious Burji into your breakfast and feel great the entire day.



Do you know about oats? They are considered the healthiest grains on the planet. They are a great source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber. You can boil 40g of oats in water or milk and add it on a daily basis into your diet. Soon you will notice a difference for good.



This is a great Maharashtrian dish with a high quality of fats, carbs and even protein. It is a typical Maharashtrian breakfast item and could be very healthy for you. Just eat in the morning and see what happens.

7.Peanut butter with Brown Bread


Don’t worry if you don’t get time to cook a healthy breakfast early in the morning. Peanut butter is delicious, healthy and the most effective health product that you can add in your breakfast. Consume 3 to 4 brown slices of bread with a good quality of peanut butter. And I promise there could be nothing better then this if you don’t get time to cook.

I would suggest you go for good quality peanut butter but at a lower price.

8. Palak puri and curd

palak puri

Spinach(palak) is considered one of the healthiest vegetables on the planet. It is rich in iron and other beneficial elements. Palak puris are the best option to add palak into your breakfast. And curd is a great source to improve digestion and stay away from stomach problems.

9.Chapati and Chana(black gram)

 chana AND Chapati

This could be a great breakfast item for you to add to your diet. Chana is a great source of protein and other vital nutrients. It makes you strong internally and helps boost metabolism.

10. Idli with sambhar

Idli sambar

Another great south Indian breakfast loaded with lots of energy and nutrients. It has a good quantity of carbs, protein, and other essential nutrients which makes it a very ideal breakfast. And sambhar being rich in antioxidants is very good.

Pragat vyawahare

This is Pragat Vyawahare a microbiologist, nutritionist and the founder of Healthysab

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