Hempushpa – Benefits, Dosage,and Side-effects

Hempushpa is an ayurvedic tonic especially for women with several renowned benefits. It is capable of helping weak women regain strength.

Hempusha is completely natural helps women in treating several health conditions like hormonal imbalances, menstrual disorders, joint aches, muscle pain, urinary problems, kidney disorders and even helps in blood purification.

It is a very wonderful formula for skinny, physically weak, and underweight women. Hempusha has helped over thousands of women and proved to a very successful ayurvedic help for women.

Powerful ingredients of Hempushpa

  • Lodhra
  • Musali
  • Shankpushpi
  • Anantamul
  • Punarnava
  • Ashwagandha
  • Dhaifu
  • Daruhaldi
  • Gambhari
  • Nagarmotha
  • Shatavari
  • Bach
  • Manjistha
  • Bala
  • Gokhru

The above ingredients make it the most reliable product for women for 90 years or more.

Who can use Hempushpa?

Hempushpa can be used by women who are suffering from certain health conditions, it can also be used by normal women to maintain a healthy weight and stay healthy.

Benefits of Hempushpa

The Hempushpa syrup is a real blessing for the women with several health benefits and that too available for a considerably affordable price, unlike all other expensive medicines. It has got the power to help women mentally as well as physically. Let’s take a look at some of Hempushpa’s amazing health benefits.

Heals urinary disorders

Hempushpa is very effective in healing urinary disorders like frequent urination, Irregular urination, burning sensation during urination, and dark yellow urine while peeing. Hempushpa is a revolutionary syrup for all these urinary issues. It takes time to show its effectiveness but the outcomes are obvious.

Improves digestion and strengthens the digestive system

It has been found that Hempushpa has been able to help women with improving digestion and preventing issues such as indigestion, bloating, gas and is even helpful in treating some chronic intestinal conditions, such as diverticulitis.

Healthy weight gain

Women who are very unhealthy and skinny can use Hempushpa syrup which may help them gain strength and the ability to eat more which would help them to regain strength and power.

Aids in getting rid of body weakness

Regular use of Hempushpa can help women boost their energy and thus help them to get relief from weakness. It also helps women with muscle and joint pain.

Helps in increasing hunger strike

Hempushpa is capable of increasing hunger, therefore it is very helpful for those women who do not get timely hunger which makes them weak and prone to certain unhealthy conditions.

Aids in periods

Some women experience a lot of pain during periods Hempusha could be a great help for such women.

Hempushpa aids in periods

Aids in menstrual disorders

A lot of women face menstrual issues during periods such as untimely periods, weakness, extreme pain, excessive bleeding, etc. Hempushpa would be a great choice to get rid of such problems. The majority of women using Hempushpa have been able to get rid of such menstrual issues.

Fixes menopause syndrome

Hempushpa is capable of fixing the menopause syndrome and regularize menstruation.

Some women do not menstruate for very long or get irregular periods. This is due to menopause syndrome, which is the result of an underlying disease. A lot of women using it and have been able to successfully tackle menopause syndrome.

Corrects hormonal imbalances

Women suffering from hormonal imbalance with symptoms such as mood swings, palpitations, infertility, and lack of concentration should use Hempushpa, as its herbal composition can help correct hormonal imbalance.

Is a great help for pregnant women

Women face a lot of problems during pregnancy, such as weak digestion, constipation, and weakness. It can be a very ideal solution for pregnant women, it helps them with the required energy and helps them fight weakness and other digestive issues. It strengthens women to face pregnancy boldly.


The price of hempusha 170 ml of Hempushpa syrup is INR 254.

Hempushpa dosage

You can consume 5-7 ml of Hempushpa syrup two times a day. The best time to consume it would be early in the morning and before going to bed at night. You should also refer to the syrup’s label for dosage related information. It is advisable that you take advice before starting to consume it.

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The best thing about hempushpa tonic is it does not cause any side-effect in normal women. However, women with pre-existing health disorders must talk to the doctor before consuming the hempushpa tonic.


  • Hempushpa syrup should be consumed only after proper medical guidance.
  • The tonic should be stored in a dark cool place away from sunlight.
  • It should be kept away from children
  • Hempusha syrup should not overdose otherwise it may lead to further complications.

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