Honey and Lemon water – The Powerful duo with the perfect store of Health benefits

Do you even know, how healthy honey and lemon water together could be? Probably not. Lemon and honey water is being utilized for a very long period of time by the people of almost all cultures for its extraordinary benefits.

Consuming honey and lemon together not only gives you numerous health benefits but also tastes fantastic.

I am sure that you must be unaware of the benefits of the duo of honey and lemon. Friends, you are absolutely very lucky to be here because today I am going to tell you something that you would remember till the end of your life. You may have heard a lot of times about the amazing benefits of lemon or the amazing benefits of honey, but you may be unaware of the health benefits of the duo which are even more amazing and worth knowing.

Before going with the health benefits of the honey, and lemon duo let’s get to know them one by one.

Is honey good for you?

Honey, as many of you may know is the sweet, thick, golden-colored liquid produced by bees various types of bees and stored in the beehive. The honey is produced from the nectar of the flowers on which the bees feed on.

Honey bees store honey in the beehive so that they can consume it during unfavorable conditions or when there is a lack of food.

Is honey good for you?

Honey has got a lot of medicinal and antiseptic and antibacterial properties. It has been used for very long to treat various skin disorders. And the best thing is that even modern science has approved honey to be very effective for the treatment of various skin ailments.

The powerful antibacterial and antiseptic composition of the honey allows it to treat as much as 60-70 types of skin problems. Therefore, honey is referred to as a blessing for the skin. Furthermore honey also tastes very good when diluted in little water. Consuming honey water on a daily basis is considered very healthy as honey is rich in antioxidants, which make it very healthy for your heart.

The consumption of honey water on a daily basis is proved to be very healthy for the heart. Studies also show that a prolonged intake of honey water may help lower your cholestrol levels significantly.

But all these benefits are linked with only natural or unfiltered honey, not the one that you get in the market. To buy the best quality natural honey from Amazon.

Lemon- The wonder fruit

You may already familiar with sour juice of the citrus fruit lemon. But are you aware of the powerful properties of lemon?

Yes, indeed one cannot stop talking about the benefits of lemon juice. Lemon is one of the richest natural sources of vitamin-C, which is of utmost importance for the human body. A deficiency in the vitamin-C levels is known to cause a lot of health disorders.

Lemons are also very rich in certain antioxidants, which make it an excellent source for the health of the heart, and your immune system.

The powerful citrus fruit also helps in lowering blood pressure. A study that was published in 2014, found that a group of Japanese women who consumed lemon water and walked regularly had lower blood pressure, compared to the women who didn’t consume lemon water.

Generally, lemon is just used in meals in small quantities, for just tasting purposes because of its highly sour taste. To take advantage of all the benefits from lemon it is recommended that you consume lemon water, regularly.

5 Astounding benefits of honey and lemon water

Honey and lemon

1. Aids in sore throat and cough

This is the topmost benefit honey and lemon water I always take advantage of. You may be suffering from a disgusting sore throat a lot of times, which doesn’t go easily. What do you do in this condition? Most probably you may be just sitting and bearing the pain. But, nowhere is one of the most effective remedies against a sore throat and that is lemon, honey water remedy.

The powerful antibacterial and antiviral properties of honey and high anti-oxidant content of the lemon together pose a threat to the mucus present in your throat and gives a sigh of relief. The duo not only helps in soothing a sore throat but also aids in mild as well as severe cough.

A lot of scientific studies have demonstrated that the honey, lemon couple has the ability to treat cough in children. It also enhances the sleep quality in children as well as in adults.

2. Enhances Immunity

From the vital composition of both lemon and honey, it is very clear that it could be an immunity booster, and indeed it is. Strong immunity means a healthy life, free of a lot of disorders and health issues.

The powerful vitamin-C present in lemon not only boosts immunity but has a healing effect on overall health.

Honey is a good source of vitamin-K, D, and E and a complex known as beta-carotene. Besides strengthening the immune system, it also gives relief from nasal congestion, respiratory problems and much more.

3. Aids in weight loss and managing a healthy weight

In a lot of popular magazines and newspapers, you might be able to read the magnificent effect of lemon water on weight loss. But you might be not knowing that when both lemon and honey are combined together it may further accelerate weight loss.

Having a glass of honey and lemon combined with luke-warm water, early in the morning in an empty stomach can help you manage a healthy weight.

It is recommended that you add just as small as half a spoon of honey into lemon water, and no sugar. And start drinking this every day as a part of your healthy lifestyle.

4. Natural treatment for mild fever

The mixture of honey lemon, in water could be an award-winning natural treatment for mild fever. Along with fever, it might also help in treating symptoms like cough, cold, and sore throat accompanied by it.

Some researches clearly show that the the Vitamin-C found in lemons can aid in fever and also help in treating cold. And the soothing power of honey could give you instant relief from certain types of illnesses.

5. Detoxifies the body and promotes diuresis effect

Oh! my goodness how many such powerful benefits will a single duo have. This is really holy. Yes, lemon honey water could help you detoxify your body, the antibacterial and antifungal duo helps to eliminate a lot of diseases causing bacteria and viruses. Vitamin-C is known worldwide for its ability to detox the body and smooth functioning of your body.

Furthermore, lemon and honey water is a natural blessing for those suffering from hypertension and edema. A person faces such issues when the blood vessels leak fluids in the tissues nearby, this may cause swelling in the tissue. In such condition honey and lemon act as a natural diuretic that promotes the production of urine.

Most effective honey lemon recipes


Honey and lemon water


  1. 1.Warm the water gently. It is advisable that water should not be boiled in this case.
  2. After the water is warmed a little add 2 tablespoons of honey to the water.
  3. Squeeze the lemon into the honey water.

And so simpky your powerful dose of honey lemon recipe is ready. It is recommended that you consume this drink on an empty stomach in early morning.

This would energise your day.


The honey lemon water combination is amazingly very healthy and benefits for each and every individual. The powerful constituents of these two ingredients are a holy gift of nature that helps in naturally treating a lot of illnesses.

Pragat vyawahare

This is Pragat Vyawahare a microbiologist, nutritionist and the founder of Healthysab

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