KIWI FRUIT-Health Benefits and Everything you need to know

Kiwi fruit is an awesome small fruit having unlimited health benefits. It is also known as the Chinese gooseberry. The kiwi fruit was native to northern China and thus, was known as the Chinese gooseberry in those times. Kiwi is also known as the powerhouse of antioxidants because of its rich anti-oxidant content which is a blessing for the overall health of a human being.

Later, the fruit was named as kiwi fruit to avoid the high duty charges on kiwi while exporting the fruit.

The benefits of kiwi fruit are great. Some of the kiwi benefits include Boosting the immune system, reducing blood pressure, aiding digestion, and much more.

Read the complete article to know about the importance of kiwifruit and the nutritional value of kiwi.

Description of kiwi fruit

Kiwi Fruit

Kiwi is a small fruit holding several health benefits. It is an oval-shaped fruit that is shiny greenish from inside with a great taste. Along with a great taste, it also gives a lot of great health benefits. This fruit is also considered as one of the wonderful fruits.

A lot of health-conscious people consume this fruit on a daily basis and make themselves healthier than ever. To know all the benefits of kiwi read below carefully and you will yourself realize how healthy this fruit is.

Importance of kiwifruit

Kiwi fruit uses are unlimited and therefore, it is considered as one of the most important fruits. The nutritional value of kiwi fruit is very high and is very highly recommended by doctors and other experts.

Kiwi fruit consumption could make you healthier than ever. And can you just imagine you could get benefited from it in tonnes of ways?

It is a miraculously amazing fruit. It is packed with more Vitamin C than an equivalent orange. So you can imagine how healthy it could be for your skin. It can make your skin noticeably glowing healthily.

Ask any health-conscious person about kiwi benefits and trust me you will realize the Importance of kiwi fruit.

Benefits of kiwi fruit

Kiwi Fruits
  • Benefits of kiwi fruit have been experienced by a lot of people, who consumed the fruit for quite some time and that too on a regular basis.
  • Asthama patients all over the world have been very greatly benefited by kiwi fruit. Some studies prove that the kiwi has been very useful for young children facing respiratory problems. Its high vitamin- C content makes it highly useful for people with respiratory problems.
  • The nutritional value of kiwi fruit is very high due to its high fiber content, which tremendously aids in good digestion. It helps in easily digesting complex protein.
  • Kiwi benefits and boosts our immune system considerably. Due to its great vitamin-C content. Research has found that kiwi also provides protection from other minor infections like illness, cold, cough, etc.
  • Kiwi is also known for maintaining a healthy heart which is one of the most important advantages of kiwi fruit. People suffering from any kind of heart disease are highly recommended to consume kiwi.
  • Kiwi is very useful in preventing constipation problems. Its high fiber content makes it capable of preventing all issues related to constipation.

Thus, the benefits of kiwi fruits are considerably high and greatly significant.

How can kiwi benefit you?

Consuming kiwi may benefit you in several ways. Besides being healthy, it is also a delicious and juicy little fruit that can add a tasty tinge to your salad.

Having just a couple of kiwi fruits daily may significantly lower your blood pressure and reduce the number of unhealthy fats from your body.

You could make your skin healthier than ever with just a handful of this fruit daily. Moreover, it is also very good for your eyesight.

If you really love your hair want to maintain a healthy head full of hair, then this fruit may bring wonders to the health of your hair.

If you are someone who is suffering from insomnia, then kiwi might serve as the best natural remedy for your problem. It is a good source of serotonin, which helps in promoting a night of sound sleep.

Kiwi is also known for helping people with anemia, some of its active ingredients like lutein and zeaxanthin, helps greatly in Iron absorption.

These are only a few ways in which kiwi may be very useful to you. The number of kiwi fruit uses is unlimited and thus, all its benefits could never be covered.

Adding this super fruit to your diet on a daily basis could really make anyone super healthy, and that too not only internally but also externally.

Therefore adding kiwi fruit to your diet would be one of the most healthy moves of your life.

Nutritional value of kiwi

Kiwi has a very high nutritional value which makes it one of the healthiest fruits on the earth.


TOTAL FAT – 0.5 g


SODIUM – 3 mg

POTASSIUM – 312 mg


PROTEIN – 1.1 g

Vitamin A1%Vitamin C154%
Vitamin D0%Vitamin B-65%

Make your sleep more sound full

Kiwi Fruit

Do you know kiwi is known to improve your sleep? One of the reports based on a practical study clearly showed that kiwi is very useful in improving sleep in adults as well as children. Kiwi fruit benefits are quite impressive and highly considerable, therefore you must once try them and feel the difference yourself.

You are lucky

If you completely read this article and now you know what kiwi fruit is, you are really very lucky because many people out there don’t even know what kiwi fruit is. Even I did not know about kiwi, when I heard it for the first time I thought it was a kiwi animal, but later I found that it was Kiwi bird.

If you have decided to add this tasty, healthy, juicy fruit to your diet then trust me this is going to be a life-changing decision that you have made.

You can easily add kiwi fruits to your diet if you want most out of it add its slices to your salad and enhance the nutritional value of your salad to a great extent.

How to get kiwi fruits

Kiwis are not always available in all the places, so don’t worry at all if you really want to add them to your diet you can also do so in supplement form.

If kiwis are not available around your place you can take all their benefits through their supplements form. Kiwi supplements are free from any side-effects and are great for your overall health.

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How to cut a kiwi fruit for maximum benefits?

Cut-off both the whitish ends of the fruit which are a little more harder then the rest of the fruit.

Now peel-off the skin of the fruit.

Now cut the fruit into two-halves, and then keep cutting it into more smaller pieces, and your fruit is ready to be served and consumed.

Do kiwis grow on trees?

No, not at all the Kiwi fruit actually grows on vines in huge clusters. They are very fast-growing vines that quickly climb-up the trees that are in their vicinity. A typical plant produces both male and female vines.

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