How Basil leaves(tulsi) are amazingly healthy

What is basil leaves?

Basil leaves also known as Saint Joseph’s wort is often confused with tulsi leaves. Tulsi is found in almost all the houses in India and is very often misinterpreted with the basil leaves.

Tulsi is scientifically known as Ocimum tenuiflorum an aromatic plant with highly scented leaves, while basil is Ocimum basilicum.

Basil is a holy herb, it is considered very pure and sacred by the Hindus and could be seen often seen outside the Hindu shrines.

basil leaves

Everyone knows what basil leaves really are but nobody knows how healthy they could be. But today after reading this post you will realize the importance of basil potted inside your houses.

Basil is an absolutely fantastic source of manganese, vitamin K, vitamin, and vitamin C. Basil has a lot of medicinal properties and can be used for a lot of purposes.

Uses of Holy Basil leaf

The uses of basil leaves are indeed surprising. Just a single plant is used for a lot of purposes. Basil plant is a very important herb and has several medicinal properties.

The part of the shoot of the plant or the plant body that is above the soil surface is used for its medicinal properties.

Basil is used to treat throat pain

It is basically a mint and has a lot of soothing properties. Basil leaves are generally used for the problems related to the stomach.

Basil has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which help easily treat mild throat pain.

Just chew a few fresh basil leaves with a tablespoon of honey to get instant relief from throat pain.

Basil is often used to treat insect bites

Research shows that basil contains a compound called eugenol which has been scientifically proven to relieve itchy skin and inflammation.

To get relief from insect bite you just need to rub the paste of the basil leaves on the affected area.

Basil could be used for cold, cough, flu and even mild fever

Basil is traditionally used to treat cough, cold, flu, and even mild fever.

Surprisingly basil is really very helpful in all the above conditions, it has some properties that help keep away from all these awful problems.

basil leaf

Great health benefits of the basil plant

The basil herb(Ocimum basilicum) has some amazing health benefits.

Studies clearly show that the basil contains a wide variety of essential oils and antioxidants.

It contains a number of compounds that exhibit strong medicinal properties, that make it so powerful.

So here is the list of some remarkable health benefits of basil leaves.

Strengthens the digestive system

The essential oils in basil leaves are amazing for the stomach. Basil leaf has been very effective in treating problems such as indigestion traditionally.

Consuming basil also helps against bloating and water retention.

It is anti-inflammatory

Basil leaves have strong anti-inflammatory properties which can be helpful in treating a lot of health issues and diseases.

The powerful essential oils of basils like eugenol, citronellol, linalool, etc. help lower inflammation through their enzyme inhibiting properties

It is a blessing for the skin

The powerful essential oils of the basil plant are perfect for healthy skin.

The basils not only help heal skin externally but also internally.

Because of its rich antioxidant content basil acts an excellent cleanser for the skin. It is so effective for the skin that it also helps to treat wrinkles and fine lines on the skin.

The strong antioxidant properties also save your skin from environmental stressors like the sun, dust, and pollution.

Exhibits strong anti-aging properties

Some of the basil properties are found to nullify some of the harmful effects of aging.

The holy water that is extracted from the basil leaves is often given to people with skin disorders in the Hindu shrines.

Dr. Vaibhav Shinde from the Poona college of pharmacy, Maharashtra India led research on the basil herb and revealed some mind-blowing facts.

According to him, the herb has some powerful properties that are of immense importance in the Ayurveda, the herb is capable of damage caused by the ill-effects of aging.

Therefore consuming basil may delay aging.

It helps to reduce swelling

A study conducted a few years ago showed that the extracts of the basil leaves were able to reduce swelling in individuals.

This is one of the most renowned traditional used benefits of the basil plant. Basil is used traditionally to reduce swelling in people from a very long back ago.

To reduce swelling effectively by the help of basil leaves put a few leaves in water and then boil it.

Allow it to become a little cooler and then apply it to the parts affected by swelling you will soon witness a feeling of relief.

Improves digestion

The leaves of the basil plant are amazingly beneficial for our digestive system, the essential oils present in it ensures anti-inflammatory action in the digestive system. Which aids proper digestion.

Basil also helps our body to recover the natural PH of our body which in turn helps our body to remain healthy and keeps certain health issues at bay.

Aids in anxiety

Some studies show that consuming basil is very effective against anxiety. Consuming basil extracts regularly is known to reduce the anxiety levels in people.

Basil vs Holy Basil

Though variations of the same plant basil and Holy Basil are different. There are around 42 varieties of Basil, all of which are very slightly different from each other. The nutrition of the varieties is almost similar, the main difference lies in their aromas.

The leaves of holy basil are a little darker in color and have rough edges, whereas the leaves of basil are lighter and have very smooth edges.

Basil tea

Now that you know how healthy basil leaves are won’t you ask the best way to incorporate the powerful basil leaves in your life.

The best way to take advantage of the benefits of the basil leaves, is to make a tea out of it.

Drinking basil tea on a regular basis would be a very healthy practice. This would boost your health.

How to make Holy basil tea

This is really very simple

All you need to do is just boil around 250ml of water, and then just fresh basil leaves in to the boiled water. Let the basil leaves remain in the boiled water for 4-5 minutes, and then separate the leaves from the water.

So, now your simple but healthy basil tea is ready to be consumed.

You may also add a little sugar for taste.

The conclusion

Basil is a holy plant that can be very easily spotted in Hindu’s house. It has got some great medicinal as well as health benefits, which make it one of the most important herbs.

Chewing basil leaves on a regular basis may help in keeping cold, common flu and even fever at bay.

Basils can help delay aging. Chewing basil leaves on a daily basis will give you a lot of benefits with almost zero side-effects.

Pragat vyawahare

This is Pragat Vyawahare a microbiologist, nutritionist and the founder of Healthysab

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