SAFFRON (KESAR)-10 Amazing Benefits, Uses and everything you need to know

What is Saffron?

saffron flower
saffron and saffron flower (saffron crocus)

Basically saffron (Kesar in Hindi) is a spice that comes from a flower commonly known as the saffron crocus. It is scientifically known as C Sativus. Kesar has a subtle taste with a sweet and distinct aroma.

Saffron is also one of the most powerful spices available because of its high antioxidant-rich content. It is the world’s most expensive spice, with some of the most promising power to fight depression.

The role of saffron in treating depression is being studied, all though there are certain studies that also show that it is effective against depression.

Interestingly saffron is worth more than gold. It has been utilized for its medicinal properties for centuries.

But why? and how? Keep reading to know what’s worth knowing.

But why is it so precious?

saffron image

That is because Saffron threads are derived from the stigma of saffron crocus flower. Only 3 threads can be collected from one flower that too after labor-intensive harvest. This means to get 1 gram of saffron, the labor needs to harvest 150 flowers of the saffron crocus and that’s way too much.

The intensive labor harvest in order to get a few threads of this spice makes it very precious and expensive too.

Kesar milk Benefits

saffron milk
Saffron milk benefits
  • good for memory Retention
  • give relief from Menstrual Cramps
  • It can treat Insomnia
  • Good For Heart’ health
  • can potentially Treat Asthma and Allergies.
  • Protection Against Cold and fever
  • Can boost immunity
  • Kesar milk has a positive impact on skin tone and complexion

Why is Kesar so expensive?

Kesar or Saffron is a highly labor-intensive crop and its cultivation is quite expensive. Moreover, there is a high demand for Kesar due to its high-profile benefits and powerful constituents.

What is the price of Kesar

Price of saffron ranges from $3500 – $4000 for 1kg

Probably you can get 10 grams of Kesar for home use at a price of 3000 rupees

Kesar Nutrition

Kesar depicts a surprisingly splendid nutrition profile. Just 1g of Kesar contains-

  • Calcium-1 mg
  • Iron-0.08mg
  • Calories-2
  • Carbohydrates-0.46g
  • Niacin-0.01mg
  • Zinc-0.02mg
  • Phosphorus-2mg
  • Thiamin-0.001mg
  • Vitamin-C-0.6mg
  • Potassium-12mg
  • Sodium-2mg
  • Folate-1mg
  • Protein-0.09g

10 Health Benefits of saffron (Kesar)

1. Benefits the skin

Kesar has always been beneficial for skin because of its purifying properties and anti-bacterial nature, let’s find out what it can do to your skin

1. Kesar can make your skin glow

It can potentially lighten and brighten your skin from inside. Saffron has the ability to change your complexion and make your skin tone fairer with its regular use. All you need to do is follow any one of these two remedies


Soak saffron in half-a-cup of raw milk, and apply this directly on your face for a natural glow.


Add a pinch of it to a glass of milk and drink this milk every day in order to improve your complexion

2. Saffron can fight pigmentation and make your skin clear

Saffron is highly anti-oxidant in nature and can easily reduce pigmentation, dark spots and other blemishes like acne. All you need to do is make a paste of turmeric and a few strands of Kesar and apply it on your skin.

2. Aids in diabetes

Saffron has anti-diabetic properties that can lower blood sugar levels and is also proved to raise the level of insulin when followed by proper medication and regular use.

3. Get instant relief from cold and fever

Saffron is warm in nature and is ant-bacterial and can easily fight against cold and fever. Just by adding a pinch of Kesar into milk and drinking it before going to bed can treat cold overnight. Regular consumption of saffron can even boost immunity which is why it is also used in chyawanprash.

4. Aids in depression

Saffron is great for fighting depression. It is also known as one of the most powerful natural anti-depressants. According to a recent report around 12.2% of people in the US consume anti-depressants for a variety of disorders. There are around 24-FDA approved anti-depressants all of which accompany some of the other side-effects such as weight gain, loss of appetite, libido, insomnia, etc.

Research confirms that Saffron works as an excellent anti-depressant and accompanies almost no side-effects.

5. Saffron can protect you against cancer

Saffron is highly antioxidant in nature and it also contains a multitude of bioactive molecules such as crocincrocetin, and safranal. These bioactive molecules help neutralize harmful free radicals. Free radical damage has been linked to chronic diseases, such as cancer

Saffron’s cancer-preventive properties include inhibiting the promotion of tumors and preventing chemical modifications to DNA that can activate cancer genes or induce new cancer-causing mutations.

So, regular use of it can probably keep you away from all kinds of chronic diseases and protect your cells from damage.

6. Great for the health of children

It has numerous benefits for newborn babies but it should only be given after 6 months. It is like a health tonic for tiny tots. Saffron is warm in nature and can easily keep your baby warm during winters. It can protect babies against cold and cough.

1 strand of saffron can improve your babies

  • Immunity
  • eyesight
  • heart health
  • brain functionality
  • bone health

Just make sure you add only one strand of it with mothers’ milk while giving it to your babies.

7. It can help you lose weight

Saffron has a bioactive molecule which is safranal which can potentially curb hunger, reduce sugar cravings and suppress appetite. This ultimately can help reduce your craving for food. Adding Kesar to your food will also prevent you from overeating. All this means you have started to regulate your diet in a healthy way by eating less often and this will have a significant impact on weight loss.

Losing weight with saffron is a really effective way to reduce your fats and get the fitness you want without any side effects. Losing weight with Kesar can be even considered the most healthy and natural way to lose weight.

8. Saffron may help with PMS

Premenstrual syndrome is one of the most common problems in all the women and Kesar is well known to reduce the severity of PMS symptoms.

Kesar may give relief from menstrual cramps and also treat many PMS symptoms.

Kesar has a significant impact on symptoms like headache, menstrual cramps, pain, and mood swings

It can give a therapeutic effect during PMS and help with mood swings by giving a sense of happiness.

If you are facing too many difficulties that are related to PMS, then you can also start using an Ayurvedic syrup-like Hempushpa.

9. Kesar for a pregnant woman

After doing a study we came to know that many cultures have believed that regular intake of Kesar during pregnancies can have an impact on the babies’ complexion.

It is said that the baby gets a fairer complexion if the pregnant lady consumes Kesar or Kesar milk on a regular basis during her pregnancy.

If we talk in the context of pregnancy, then there are a lot of other foods that you should avoid during pregnancy so make sure you never add them to your daily diet during pregnancy.

10. Kesar can help with sexual dysfunction

In men, Kesar can increase sexual vitality, erectile function, and libido

Kesar can act as an aphrodisiac and improve Prozac-induced sexual dysfunction reduced sex-related pain and increased sexual desire in a woman.

Pragat vyawahare

This is Pragat Vyawahare a microbiologist, nutritionist and the founder of Healthysab

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