Best Indian diet plan for weight loss in 2020

Do you know that the Indian diet plan is world-famous, for helping people all around the globe lose weight? Not only weight loss but Indian cuisines are known for their spicy flavors, heartwarming aroma with incredibly tasty combinations. Therefore

The typical Indian diet is mainly plant-based which constitutes of vegetables, wheat, rice, pulses, and milk, as most of the Indians are vegetarians.

The majority of Indians take a complete and healthy diet, most of the time, but still the number of obese people is seen bumping in India in the past few years. This is no doubt due to the increased processed food consumption.

You would be surprised to know that even the most typical homemade food in India, is great for losing weight.

There is a very huge variety of foods available in India, because of the diverse population of India. But don’t you worry about being an Indian, I will help you choose only the best foods in India for weight loss, that will make up your perfect Indian weight loss diet plan.

Choosing an Indian diet for your weight loss journey would be a fantastic choice. Since it is tasty, easily available, highly nutritious, and even very easy to prepare.

Important points for ultimate weight loss goal

Always remember that you cannot achieve your weight loss goal overnight, In order to lose weight in a healthy way you need to have a lot of patience, discipline a healthy lifestyle, and strong benefitting habits.

Suddenly switching to various fad diets, tiring workouts will not help you to lose weight in the long run. Fad diets such as the keto diet, or the boiled egg diet have never helped people achieve their ultimate longterm weight loss goal.

People think that low calorie and high protein diets would help them lose weight quickly. But this is not true for everyone, as a low-calorie diet does not suit everyone and is also deficient in many other essential nutrients and vitamins.

Indian Home-made Food

I am not saying it is impossible to lose weight, everyone out there can lose weight, but you need to opt for the best strtergy. For long-term weight loss goals you need a completely healthy diet containing all the nutrients, in optimum quanity.

Today, I will share with you the best Indian diet plan for weight loss, being an Indian you can completely trust my plan. But do not ever expect overnight or fast results, be patient, and sooner or later you will achieve your goals.

There is a very wide variety of foods available in India, and amongst them, we will help you chose the best weight loss plan. The best part of the Indian diet is that they are complete in nutrition as they contain protein, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, carbohydrates, fiber, etc in fantastic proportions.

Therefore, the Indian diet will not only help you lose weight, but aid in overall well being, and good health.

Tips to remember

Indian Thaali (Indian cuisine)

Before beginning with Healthysab’s powerful Indian weight loss diet you must never skip the below-given steps.

  • Avoid oily, processed, and junk food items.
  • Forget, starchy or sugary drinks like soda, and badam shakes.
  • Drink lots of water
  • Do not drink too much water at a time.
  • Cut down and daily monitor your carb and fat intake.
  • Never ever skip your morning meals or your breakfast, because when you eat breakfast, your metabolism gets triggered. And increased metabolism means more calorie burn, which would eventually aid you in weight loss. Research shows that a meal consumed in the morning highly increases your metabolic rate as compared to the same meal being consumed in the evening time. Therefore, not having your breakfast your morning meals properly could be a very bad decision.
  • Try to avoid sugar and salt as much as possible.

7-day(week) weight loss diet chart with Indian vegetarian meals

Although the diet plan includes meals for only 3 times a day, you can also consume low, carbs and calorie foods such as fruit juices with zero sugar, or fruits such as watermelon or oranges, to increase the intake of essential nutrients.

7 day diet chart for weight loss

You need to follow this diet plan for a minimum of 30 days. And within a month’s time, you will definitely lose some weight in the healthiest way if you properly read and follow this given chart.


BREAKFAST Two hard-boiled eggs, with 2 bananas.

LUNCH- Brown rice, with tur/masoor dal(Red Lentil), with tomato and cucumber salad.

DINNER- 2-3 whole-grain chapatis, with paneer curry, with flaxseeds chutney.

The good thing about this meal plan– In this plan, you are supposed to eat bananas in the morning because they are very beneficial. Although, banana in not linked with direct weight loss, it facilitates weight loss, by reducing your appetite.

Furthermore, this meal plan is very nutritious, healthy and low in fats, carbs, and calories.


BREAKFAST- Whole Oats almond milk, and 1 apple.

LUNCH- Whole grain chapatis with potato curry or dry potato sabji. You may also consume a bowl of low-fat curd with your lunch.

DINNER- 2 Whole wheat chapatis, spinach cuisine(palak ki sabzi), salad, and a tomato

The good thing about this meal plan– If you take a look at this meal plan you will see that you get a complete dose of healthy vitamins and minerals right from the start of the day. Palak(spinach) ki sabzi is an excellent and powerful vegetable rich in minerals like iron, zinc, and vitamins-C, K, B6, B9, and E.


BREAKFAST- Dalia(Daliya) with almond milk with berries and an apple.

LUNCH- Whole grain chapati with mixed vegetable curry and a salad containing beetroot, cucumber, and onion.

DINNER- Black chana, with 2 chapati, and a little brown rice with tur daal

The good thing about this meal plan- Dalia is a superfood known for its low-calorie content and high-fiber content. It is a perfect weight loss food high in protein, calcium, magnesium, etc.


BREAKFAST- Brown rice idli, with sambar and coconut chutney.

LUNCH- Chapatis with rajma curry and mixed vegetable salad

DINNER- Soya chunks curry, with multi-grain chapaties, and dal with brown rice.

The good thing about this meal plan- Soya chunks are excellent sources of protein that are extremely low in calories.

Rajma or Red kidney beans is considered very healthy for the heart and overall health. It also helps people shed stones and is a fantastic fat cutter food.

Day 5

BREAKFAST- 4-5 slices of brown bread with fruit jam and a cup of grapes.

LUNCH- Brown rice and masoor daal, with tomato and cucumber salad.

DINNER- 2 Whole wheat chapatis with bhindi(Okra)ki sabzi and mixed vegetable salad.

The good thing about this meal- Unlike peanut butter, salted or sweet butter, and cheese that you eat with bread jams contain no fat and are very low in calories.

Bhindi ki sabzi is another wonderful fat cutter food item. Also known as OKRA, bhindi helps in maintaining a healthy weight.


BREAKFAST- Dosa made with brown rice, with sambhar and delicious coconut chutney, and 1 apple.

LUNCH- Methi sabzi with 2 multi-grain roti, with tur daal and rice.

DINNER- Multi-grain roti with tofu bhurji and red/brown rice with moong dal.

The best thing about this meal- Tofu contains zero saturated fat, and therefore is world famous weight loss food. Another good thing about tofu is that it is very low in calories and rich in protein.


BREAKFAST- 2 Chapati’s with black chana sabzi, and 2 bananas

LUNCH-Tur daal with brown/red rice and mixed vegetable salad

DINNER- 2-3 chapati with cabbage sabzi, and brown rice/red rice with any dal and raita.

Summary of this effective weight loss plan

Only 3 meals a day is given that doesn’t mean you cannot eat other low carb, and low-calorie foods. It is recommended that you should start drinking Honey and lemon water daily early in the morning before breakfast.

drink honey and lemon water for a period of 30 days and share your experience with in the comments section below.

You may also consume fruits and green vegetables or nuts in between your meal plan. Try this meal plan by interchanging for up to 4 weeks first.

This is the most effective Indian diet plan for 30 days, just follow it and don’t skip meals, or eat a lot at a time.

Other alternate Indian weight loss foods

Dietitian consulting Diets

There are hundreds or even thousands of Indian food items that you should consider adding into your Indian diet plan for weight loss. All could not be mentioned in your meal plan, therefore if you do not like any of the food items in the above meal plan you may replace it with any of these effective weight loss foods.

  • Bitter gourd(karela)- This is one of the best weight loss foods you will ever find in a typical Indian kitchen. Bitter gourd could be a fantastic health booster. It is highly nutritious containing high levels of powerful minerals like phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, iron, zinc, and folate. Normally people avoid this vegetable as it tastes very sour, but you can eradicate its sourness by cooking it the perfect way.
  • Black beans- Not only black beans but actually all types of beans exhibit certain amazing weight loss properties. Black beans have the ability to reduce your appetite, and therefore a black bean curry could be a good choice for your dinner as well as your lunch
  • Cauliflower- It is a rich source of fiber, that helps in slowing down the process of digestion, which in turn reduces appetite. Moreover, cauliflower is very low in calories and a lot of delicious dishes could be made out of it.
  • Green tea- Are you a tea lover? If yes then you must switch to green tea now, it strengthens the immune system as well as aids in weight loss. Numerous studies indicate that green tea could be a fantastic choice for eradicating weight loss. This being an Indian weight loss diet you can also from the best green tea brands in India.
  • Avocados- They help your body burn more calories, and reducing your appetite which makes a must consume weight loss foods. Avocados are also rich in a lot of vital nutrients and healthy fats.
  • Quinoa-There a lot of science-backed pieces of evidence that indicate that quinoa could serve as a good ingredient of an efficient weight loss diet. It is a rich source of fiber and protein that improves overall health.
  • Strawberries- Strawberries would make a perfect weight loss food with very calories, and fats.
  • Mango- Mangoes are exceptionally very low in fats and carbohydrates, and rich in fiber.

Foods that you must avoid completely

Foods to avoid in Indian weight loss diet

You know losing weight is easier if you strongly make up your mind for it. I know you would love to eat an ice-cream, a pizza, an extra-cheese burger. But these mouth-watering unhealthy foods are what make you fat, ugly, and unattractive. Therefore, get ready to ignore them as much as possible.

Down below is the list of the foods that you must completely avoid as much as possible, in order to boost your weight loss journey.

  • Peanut butter- Even though peanut butter is highly nutritious, it is very high caloric as well as high in fat content. It can be best used as a weight gainer, but people who are already fat must avoid it.
  • Soda- This is the worst thing for you if you want to lose weight. It is neither rich in nutrients nor any other element. It just adds empty calories to your body making you fat and unhealthy.
  • Potato chipsDo you know that potato chips are highly fattening? According to a Harvard study, potato chips are among the topmost fattening foods.
  • White bread- Ironically, white bread is an excellent belly, the fat depositor. This means you really need to avoid white bread at any cost.
  • Juices- Juices that you buy from the market are very high in sugar and the caloric content, and hence promote weight gain. Therefore you must avoid these juices.

These were some of the food materials that you must completely avoid in your Indian diet plan for weight loss. All the foods that There are several other unhealthy food items that are not mentioned in the list, and you must avoid them too. Before adding any item to your diet just google about it, and if it is a good and healthy food item only then consume it.

Benefits of Indian Weight-loss diet plan

Benefits of Indian weight loss diet

The Indian meals are nutritionally very healthy, they offer almost every micro and macronutrient that your body needs.

Choosing an Indian diet plan for losing weight would be a worth appreciating choice. As they are not only effective in tacking weight loss but also enhance your health in several ways.

The vegetarian plant-based Indian diet scientifically proven to boost your immune system and reduces the risk of heart diseases.

Indian meals also aid in diabetes and colon cancers.

Recommendations for quick weight loss


Physical engagement is a very essential weight loss factor. When you exercise you tend to burn more calories, build lean muscle mass, and increase your metabolic rate. A good exercise routine can make wonders, to your excess fat.


A lot of people wonder that “how does yoga help in weight loss?” But let me tell you that yoga is one of the most powerful weapon for shedding weight. A lot of studies show that some poses of yoga can help you burn large number of calories. Moreover yoga, helps to maintain a healthy weight and gives you internal peace.

Be aware

Don’t just keep eating, have a note of how many calories you are consuming the entire day. And try to manage it well, because unless you know how much calories you are consuming you would not be able to know how much you need to burn.

The conclusion

A lacto-vegetarian Indian diet is highly recommended diet for weight loss. This diet is very helpful in cutting down the consumption of high fats, carbs and calories.

Also, the Indian diet is high in nutrition which besides aiding in weight loss also ends up strengthening your body internally.

Hence, boost up your weight loss journey with the help of the powerful Indian weight loss diet plan. And get ready to experience some of the most wanted outcomes.

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