The boiled egg diet- A powerful weight loss diet you must know about

Yes, you heard it right. A boiled egg-diet exists and is a powerful means of losing weight. Isn’t it amazing to know that the eggs which we really love are a fantastic means to lose weight?

You might be thinking about eggs as- a rich source of protein, you already know about, but you never expected it to help you in your weight loss journey. The boiled egg diet is a low calorie and high protein diet, which makes it a very effective weight loss diet.

Now read further to know how this works and make a real difference with my ultimate solution for weight loss.

What is a boiled egg diet?

The boiled egg diet

This is a diet that is mainly composed of hard-boiled eggs. And remember you are supposed to eat only 3-4 eggs in a day, along with some non-starchy fruits or with calorie and carbs deficient beverages such as water and orange juice.

Is this real? Only 3-4 eggs the entire day? Will I survive? Guys this is a complete truth. People have been following such fad diets and they get amazing short time results. According to some sources, even a lot of celebrities have gone through this diet and they have attained weight loss.

Though there are a lot of varieties of boiled egg-based diets, in all of them you are only allowed to drink low-calorie beverages like water only.

Does it really work?

You would be surprised to know that some people even lose around 10 kgs of weight, that too within just 2 weeks after strictly sticking to this diet plan. It is not very surprising to get results from this fad diet.

An egg diet is basically a low-calorie, low carb, and high protein diet, that eventually helps you lose weight within a very short period of time.

Some popular people like Charles Saatchi, have also tried this diet and experienced weight loss according to a publication called Daily mail.

What makes the egg diet meaningful and effective?

Egg is chosen as the main component of this diet because the egg is a very nutrient-dense food.

Boiled eggs

Actually a big hard-boiled egg is a superfood, containing around 7g high-quality protein, 70 calories, and 13 other essential vitamins and minerals.

The best thing about eggs is that they contain all the essential amino acids, and powerful nutrients like riboflavin and selenium, and a lot of other vital elements that may boost your health.

But still eggs are just a part of an healthy diet, not a complete healthy diet. Therefore, if you are thinking to follow the hard egg boiled diet to lose weight forever, then my innocent friend you need to read some more.

The first thing is that you cannot consume the egg diet for more than 14 days period because it is not a complete diet. A complete diet includes protein, calories, carbohydrates, fat, water, vitamins, and minerals in the required quantities.

Do you know that According to Harvard Medical School, it is completely unsafe for men to consume less than 1500 calories and women should not consume less than 1200 calories? They can only consume calories below this level after medical supervision.

And the egg-diet restricts the daily calorie consumption to 1000 calorie.

Even though egg makes this diet a powerful weight-loss tool but this might not be healthy in the long-run.

Most effective boiled egg 1-week diet chart

Day 1

BREAKFAST- 2 boiled eggs with a banana

LUNCH- Roast chicken breast, with mixed vegetable salad

DINNER- 1 egg omlete with a tomato and a cucumber

Day 2

BREAKFAST- 2 Egg omlette with an apple

LUNCH- Salad and tuna fish fry

DINNER- 2 boiled eggs with an apple

Day 3

BREAKFAST- 2 boiled eggs with water melon juice

LUNCH- Chicken breast with an orange and tomato

DINNER- Roast beef with cauliflower

Day 4

BREAKFAST- 2 egg omelette with brown bread and a orange

LUNCH- Kale and tune fish

DINNER- Mixed vegetable salad and 1 boiled egg

Day 5

BREAKFAST- 2 boiled eggs with kiwi fruits

LUNCH- Lean beef with salad containing beetroot, cucumber and carrot

DINNER- 2 boiled eggs with grape fruit

Day 6

BREAKFAST- 2 eggs omelette with an guava or an orange

LUNCH- Plain greek yogurt and mixed veggies salad

DINNER- Salmon with spinach

Day 7

BREAKFAST- 2 boiled eggs with an apple

LUNCH- Grilled chicken with salad

DINNER- 2 egg omlette with a slice of brown bread

How does it work?

There is no big thing involved in the working of this diet, its just low calories, and carbs. You already know that weight loss is attained when the intake of calories is lesser than the number of calories you burn.

Effectiveness of egg based diets

In all the versions of the egg diet, you are only allowed to consume less than 1000 calories the entire day. This is way too less than a normal diet, and you easily burn them. And, thus within a short period of time weight loss is accomplished.

But unfortunately, friends “the egg diet” is not a long-term solution for your weight loss. It may give you guaranteed results within a short-period of time but the results will fade away with time.

As soon as you start taking your prior diet you soon gain weight. And the worst part is that the egg diet cannot be exceeded beyond 14 days.

The egg diet may also make you lose muscle mass and may make you weak and unhealthy.

Now, just keep reading till the end to know what’s really worth knowing.


The most common side-effect that is mostly seen in people is a weakness or lack of energy, which is caused due to the scarcity of carbs.

The other side effects include nausea, constipation, and bad breath.

Is the boiled egg diet safe?

The boiled egg diet is generally safe for healthy individuals, but only for a short period of time. This diet may act in different ways in different individuals depending on a set of factors.

side effects of boiled egg diet

Some studies also reveal that the egg diet may pose a risk to your cardiovascular health. A diet low in carbs and rich in protein may be unhealthy for the heart in the long-run.

Therefore, before eating such a diet one must talk to the doctor, or take expert guidance.

Detailed review and the truth behind the egg-boiled diet

And the absolute truth is that egg-boiled diet is not a good solution for your long-term weight loss goals. Not only the egg boiled diet but also other fad diets are not really worth trying.

A lot of people following fad diets never actually get satisfaction but instead fall into the trap of problems such as dehydration, constipation, weakness, headache, and even deficiency in nutrients.

Therefore, switching to any new thing you must take some time thinking about it. If such diets would have really helped you lose weight permanently then no in the world would be obese.

Things are not easy, friends and easy things do not offer long-term results but if you take the right steps things are possible.

The world wide reviews of the people reveal that this diet may guarantee weightloss for a short period of time,, but this is not actually healthy or effective in the long run.

Losing weight for quite some time is not a good idea though.

The ultimate solution for weight loss

So this is something the entire world wants to know about, so did anyone find it. The weightloss solution that works like magic, that tranforms not only your body but also makes you healthier internally.

To be true there is no such thing, just because you are fat you are ready to do anything, that’s what gives rise to a huge number of weight supplement industries that make millions just by fooling you.

Even I used to be obese and that really sucks. I tried a lot of things, fad diets, a tiring exercise routine, and a lot of other things for months. Although I lost some weight there was no difference in my stubborn belly fat.

Now I know that weight loss is affected by a lot of factors and in order to get long-term results you need to follow them all.

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